A peek inside our website design process. With anything that matters in life, it’s often the work we put in behind the scenes that makes them wonder how we did it. So in this blog post, I’m sharing a peek inside our web design process, primed for 2022 and beyond. Much like the self-care appointments […]

Client: Prackind.com Services: Website Redesign, Squarespace site + blog migration, Podcast Brand Design, Podcast Landing Page design Website designed on: Showit.co Additional Services used: Shopify Lite (for e-Commerce) Project Summary When Amaris, a lead Therapist and Premarital and Sex/Relationship Counselor reached out, she wanted to reorganize the website, and redesign the website in order to […]

Influencers are strategic, impactful storytellers that are (for the most part) in the business of being themselves.  Being properly labeled as an influencer is no longer just for those with hundreds of thousands of followers across  social media– now, with the rise and importance of the micro influencer, there’s more than enough room. One of […]

WHY ORIGINAL CONTENT CHANGES THE GAME IN BRANDING YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE. Your online presence extends beyond a website. And while sharing/curated content is helpful, another larger part of your social media branding should include ORIGINAL content: content created by your, specific to what your know about your industry and your audience. One thing still feels […]

Even if you are still mastering your brand’s aesthetic, you already know where you want to delight your audience with the details. Trust that you can create captivating work with basic tools. Be patient and apply yourself to learning about the core principles of photography (like lighting, exposure). And have fun while doing it! Today […]

Content Creation for Creative Entrepreneurs: Hey there creative! Have some time on your hands and want to figure out how to create clearer, more strategic visual content on Instagram? Enter, the flatlay. The fun, on-brand photography you can capture for your Instagram, Blog, & products. Interested in learning more friend? Let’s dive in…

[IMAGE] If you’re like many content creators out in this wonderful world wide web, you love or are strongly interested in taking better flatlay photography. (Incase you’re new, a flatlay is a styled, organized photo, shot directly from above using either a phone or a DSLR/point-and-shoot camera. Flatlays are characteristically styled to be extremely aesthetically […]

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