Website Design for Therapy Wellness Group

Client: Prackind.com

Services: Website Redesign, Squarespace site + blog migration, Podcast Brand Design, Podcast Landing Page design

Website designed on: Showit.co

Additional Services used: Shopify Lite (for e-Commerce)

Project Summary

When Amaris, a lead Therapist and Premarital and Sex/Relationship Counselor reached out, she wanted to reorganize the website, and redesign the website in order to help provide clear communication and help potential clients know exactly which therapy specialty to choose. With the differences in insurance, location, and a clear distinction between services covered by insurance and which ones were covered by self-pay.

In addition to a website reorganization, the goal was to launch her new podcast, Premarital Conversations, a much needed audio resource for couples who want to solidify their bond before saying “I do.”. For this, I designed the Podcast brand and the landing page for the podcast episodes.

To give more freedom in the overall design, I migrated the website from Squarespace to Showit, so the podcast page could also be hosted in house as she grew her audience and released more episodes.

Scroll to see the end result of our project. Click here to view the website live.

Fun Fact:

Amaris and I worked together on her branding and a first iteration of her Squarespace website back in 2017. The one shown in the before pictures was a complete overhaul done by a different designer.

Homepage, before & after

Specialties Pages Before & After

The specialties were broken down into three pages! This was a special change to help make sure potential clients got the full description of their services. For fun, their before and after’s are shared below.

Mental/Emotional Therapy, Faith-based counseling, and Teen Therapy were grouped together on the main specialties page.

Podcast Branding for Premarital Conversations

For the podcast design, the podcast episode announcements were provided as Canva templates for ease of creating for future podcast episodes and graphics were created for podcast episodes ready at the time of launch.

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