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chic, editorial design with you in mind.

CreateHERs focuses on more than just design, we live and breathe the latest and best practices in digital strategy that generates leads, builds community, and allows small business to grow at scale. 

We are nerdy about the tech details and almost have a new app or software to share with our friends. Because our main focus is on creative problem-solving, thinking outside of the box, being resourceful, and crafting digital experiences (web, social, email) that makes people take notice.

We are thoughtful on how not everyone knows the web and marketing as well as we do and so we work to infuse process and learning into every client interaction.

After 6 years of building websites and brands, while dealing with being human/family/personal life, we are excited to work with womenpreneurs who are ready to or have taken the leap of face to start and/or grow their sidehustles and full-time small business endeavors.

Allied with the right software, systems, and strategy, CreateHERs looks forward to taking you and your brand goals far.

You are our big reason why. And we want our clients to show up as their best selves online, so they can build their legacies. We hope this shines in everything we create.

Meet Narsha, Founder & Lead Strategist at CreateHERs.

I started website design as a hobby in 2001 and instantly felt connected to something greater: the power of turning all those letters and numbers into shared impact on the world (wide web). Specializing in Showit, Squarespace Website design, Brand Strategy, and Email Marketing, I can help you bring your BIG vision online and feel confident running your business.

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CreateHERs, created back when I was a creative assistant, had its beginnings back in 2015. I'd already had an affinity for website design, email marketing, processes. But more so in the corporate world.

In 2013,  it was becoming more common seeing how women were honing in on their talent to build brands for themselves. But something was missing. The designs were all very similar and very 1996. As someone who've always had an eye for chic, classic aesthetics, I wanted to see more design that looked like it fell out of a fashion magazine -- intentional, eye-catching, and just fun to scroll through and read.

It was until after the birth of my son and trying to build a village to help me look after him that I was gently encouraged by my spirit to create a side-hustle that would allow me to work on my own schedule while also serving others while doing something I loved - web design.

And from that, the idea for Narsha Design Co. or Narsha.co was born in 2015. Before going full-time, I enjoyed working as a Digital Creative Assistant where I got to learn a multitude of skills and systems that helps a brand run behind the scenes. I designed course presentations, edited podcast episodes, edited Youtube style videos, designed sales and landing pages, Instagram posts, event production, website design, and email marketing for various other creatives like - Mattie James, Michael Ndungu, and Nia Philip.

When the time came to leave my full-time corporate role (because they wanted me to work at midnight--and my child was still an infant) I had the good fortune of working with and finding a designer mentor in Krystle Rowry (KrissDidIt.com).

I remember, I'd saved all the money I could as a cushion ($3,000 I think), bought my first business-computer-an iMac, and was excited to get things going.

It took 2 of my main clients being unable to pay me for 2 months in a row suddenly to panic and realize that I had to go all in or my son and I would suffer. I was married back then, but he never supported me running my own business. 

Every year in this business brought me new challenges and lessons that we've overcome with faith and diligence; and I hope that the client experience we've birthed in 2022 will bring you a breath of fresh air from the overwhelm, especially in the middle of some of the most trying times during a pandemic. I am happy you stopped by. I appreciate you. 




what we do around here.

Intuitive branding and user experience design; with engagement focused systems for marketing.

Tailoring to the needs of each client, because it really is a big world out there for businesses and one-size doesn't really fit all when you want to stand OUT and make an impact.

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