The Power of Original Content


Your online presence extends beyond a website. And while sharing/curated content is helpful, another larger part of your social media branding should include ORIGINAL content: content created by your, specific to what your know about your industry and your audience.

One thing still feels like a dream since becoming a full-time freelancer: being creative is now my every day. I make a living bringing visions to life.

In owning this space, I’ve developed such admiration + respect for CONTENT. As important as a solid website design is, understanding how content drives engagement and increases impact is a game changer. Matter of fact, I dare say that Content is the name of the game, and separates the beginners from the influencers.

Let me explain…

A website is a solid piece of the online business/branding experience. It’s your office on the web. I like to call it the static portion, however. The dynamic portion, the one that grows and adapts to honor the needs of your audience is your content.

“Hmm..go on…” you say?

Well, for the most part, content changes the game through:

Content Crafts Your Brand Experience

A brand that understands experience curlBOX

Content sets the plate at the dinner table of attention. It impacts what your audience thinks and how they feel when they come in contact with your content. Unlike walking into a brick and mortar store, your website’s design (static) and content (dynamic) is what gives your audience something to connect to, the essence of your brand online. 

Content Extends Your Value

In line with being dynamic, content gives you greater range across the internet, like breadcrumbs leading the way to goodness. Through content like blog posts, Instagram photos, Tweets, Pins, etc your business/brand extends through these platforms to ultimately bring in new traffic.

Content Educates

Content is power. Wait, Knowledge is… ok. They are synonymous because the content you share tells your audience YOUR story. It can be educational in the sense of being an infopreneur or it can just let them know who you are. What matters to you and humanizes your brand. This is important because: people buy from people. It can be as simple as letting them know that you really are just a mom-wife-sister-daughter-content-creator who doesn’t have it all figured out but DOES have her heart and willingness to strategize in it. Whew. Or you know, whatever YOUR specific magic is.

Content Shows Your Progress

Anything YOU write, photograph, and/or create (even if just in part). Content crafted by YOU is always undoubtedly shaped by your uniqueness and experiences. This is how you infuse an authentic angle into your content consistently. As you get better, so does your content. As your brand grows, as you make more connections, etc so does your content.

So in summary, creating content for social media:

  • creates excitement
  • extends and solidifies your expertise
  • educates your audience on your products, services, and in areas along their customer journey
  • evolving – as you grow in clarity, so does your content. It’s a worthwhile journey

What will you create today?

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