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You don't have to be Apple or Microsoft to accomplish your big business dreams. Building a cohesive brand and a marketing strategy can feel overwhelming and even unattainable. so CreateHERs brings a sense of simplicity by bringing all of these moving parts together so you can get back to business.

let's bring your vision online.


Creating an intentional online brand requires maintaining a conversation with your audience. Strategy and design work from CreateHERs, positions you to serve, helps cut out the guesswork in creating content and services that resonate.

Let's work together, so you can have a seat. Your audience is waiting.

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the process

1. Strategy & timeline assessment

Depending on your goals, the timing of launches (e.g. new opportunities, product launches, etc), we break down the strategic marketing steps to build the framework for going live and/or nurturing relationships via funnels.

3. blog and content plan

While we have your creative direction, content, and imagery in hand, we like to make sure you can work on content marketing and other details you would like to showcase by your launch date with a CreateHERs Strategy Plan to align with your products and goals. 

2. inspiration and content gathering

We'll provide strategy-specific Content and Brand Photography guides, so you can confidently prepare and share the right information so CreateHERs gets the right details (personality, vibe, & goals) to craft your new brand, website, and/or marketing collateral.

4. branding/website plan & Design

If we're handling your brand design, we craft your logo, select your color scheme, and pick a font story. Then, we design your website pages to best tell your brand's story. Helping your visitors connect the dots to the perfect solution they came looking for (connecting with your visitor's pain-points) to make sure they know why your brand is the right fit.

5. website development & marketing systems

First we'll both do a little dance at seeing your new brand/website in living, breathing motion. Then we'll make sure we've connected all the systems that run behind the scenes to make everything come full circle (remember step 3?).

Each project is tailored to fit the best interests and goals of our clients. Here we share general steps that guide the direction and transition of our clients from blah to BAM! :) Silliness aside, happy you're here!

6. launch like you mean it + a walkthrough

It's time to show up and show out to the world. With your content marketing strategy, brand collateral and website in hand, we will clap the loudest for you as you GO LIVE and continue to make your mark on the world. 

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Cultivating strategies and editorial-style design for a variety of clients, including...




female entrepreneurs

lifestyle & beauty brands

influencers & bloggers


course creators

media mavens

financial advisors

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Media Mavens



Brand Design

Let's design a cohesive, recognizable brand, across your website, social media, and everywhere your audience is.

Attracts the right eyes to your brand's marketing efforts and products with strategic and cohesive branding

Showcases your brand’s voice, value, and vision so you can capture your audience’s attention and solve their unique issues

Connects with your audience and lets them feel confident that you can support their needs wherever they see and interact with your brand online

We'll research and develop a logo, color palette, fonts, and aesthetic that:

let's bring your vision online

marketing Collateral

We offer one-off design projects and monthly design retainers to fit your timing and your needs.

CreateHERs designs on-brand marketing collateral like ebooks, media kits, lead magnets, social media profiles, email banners, and more so your marketing campaigns entice them to click BUY NOW.

Marketing collateral that shines as brightly as you.

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Website Design

When it comes to web design, we understand that one-size does not fit all. We specialize in personal, community, & e-commerce brand websites. With or without blogs. 

What should your website say about you, your products, and your services? Better yet, what is your audience looking to learn from and about you?

Working with CREATEHERS, you get a content plan to help you organize your brand's messaging, value, products/services  so it's strategic, insightful, and authentic to your brand's mission + vibe.

your website: your digital home. you control the narrative. you control the lights.

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You elevated my brand in a way I never saw it myself. I’m so incredibly grateful for you and your gift. Thank you for helping me with my brand. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your grace.

- Lakeitha Duncan -

e-book design + website design

Working with Narsha was a complete joy. Her attention to detail is unmatched and her eye for stunning aesthetics is phenomenal. She's improved my taste level and delivered nothing short of a standout visual experience for my audience. When seeking a web designer for www.creativesmartgirl.com, I knew I wanted someone who would be dedicated to the entire visual experience of the brand. Often, designers complete the website but have no insight on how the feel and the look on the site will translate in other visuals this wasn't the case with Narsha. She cares deeply about the brand and how it would make our community feel whenever they engage with us. She's incredibly talented and knowledgeable and always takes your vision to the next level. Narsha doesn't believe in the bare minimum. My favorite Narsha line is 'Let me show you what's possible.' Undeniably, what's possible for Narsha is always more than you could have imagined.   

- nia phillip -

squarespace website design, creative assistant, showit design

Narsha did a phenomenal job on short notice with grace and commitment! Thank you for fitting this into your schedule and caring about every detail!

- Marshawn evans daniels -

sales page design, wordpress + divi

"Narsha is the one who makes Mattie’s crazy ideas a profitable reality. Well versed on the latest apps and software, she’s the right hand woman for the infopreneur side of the brand. Whether it’s a site relaunch or a 5 module online course, Narsha spearheaded the workflow for each project, providing everything from email automation to social graphics."

- mattie james -

Visual virtual assistant & web site design 2018

Meet narsha njoya

the designer

Narsha is an Atlanta-based designer, who works with new and existing brands to remove their content marketing blocks and create marketing systems and strategies so they can consistently connect with and serve their audience in an authentic, organic way. She started her design studio in 2015, after working in digital marketing for over 11 years. Currently, she is working on templates and opening up Design VIP slots to help more people create additional income during this trying season. 

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