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Offering packages for the different needs of creative business owners. Your website is your home online. Let's design a space that speaks and sells for you, let's your audience know what to expect, and let's you monetize your mind. Scroll to learn more about our process.

the foundation

website design

I design websites that tell your story & feel like you’re inviting your community/audience to a room you specially crafted for them--where they are immersed in the feeling and experience of your brand, working with you and/or buying from you, and continuously be served with every scroll of the page.

Through our work together, I work with the content you provide to pull the key, strategic elements, ask the key questions, and using your branding infuse creativity & energy your audience loves about your business into every pixel of your website design.

website design types we offer


Your blog is the main focus of your brand and you want to be able to share that great content alongside internal ads, LikeIt2KnowIt & RewardStyle just like the pro you are. Or, you're a podcaster or community builder that wants to create a website to increase SEO and sell related products to your audience.

One-Page /Sales-Page

Perfect for sales pages, long-form homepages for personal brands, extended product landing pages, and more. This page has clearly divided sections that highlight key information, are quickly scannable, and make it easy to contact or book you.

All the Essentials

Has all the key pages to create an informational hub for your brand and covers all the essentials like an email list sign up, Home, About, Contact pages and can include additional pages like a Shop, Services, Press, Portfolio, and more.

Website Redesign

You have existing content, an existing brand (maybe also newly redesigned, you've updated your company's mission, added a line of new products, etc. Now it's time to get a website to showcase all of this and more to help wow and introduce the new you.

website add-ons

Email List Form

Depending on your business' needs, you have options for additional functionality to be built in to your website. In a custom proposal, you can choose any of the following to ensure your website works for you.

Capture new leads and build your email list with an email list form integrated on your website. We can recommend the perfect email marketing software to fit your needs.

Blog Design

Add a blog design to show case your company updates, helpful content that showcases your products, share the transcript of your latest podcast episode & more.

Shop / E-Commerce

Using innovative integrations like Shopify or Woocommerce, we can add on a shop to your page to position and sell products.

Client Management Systems

Perfect for capturing specific information from potential clients that are automated with your behind-the-scenes systems while seamlessly integrated with your website experience.

Marketing Collateral

Have additional design needs to support the launch of your new website design? Got you covered! Get additional marketing materials that match the design and direction of your new website. All provided as easy-to-update Canva templates, so you can update as your business grows.

designed to work for you

  • Media Kits
  • Instagram templates 
  • Lead Magnets (PDFs)


Know exactly what you're about but, you aren't sure how to say it on your website? Get your copy written for you to excel industry standards, mastered for SEO, and ensure your new website design works for you.

Need something not listed here? You can share that with us too on the project inquiry form.

our process


Submit the project inquiry form to see if we're a good fit for your goals & timeline.


Receive a brochure via email to select the services you need.


Schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation to outline next steps


Sign the contract and pay the project fee.


Receive email with content submission instructions and on-boarding questionnaires


Once all content is submitted, the site design begins! Receive a site mood board, then design concepts as a mockup.

timeline: 4-6 weeks after content is submitted


Send any constructive feedback on the design mockup, and then receive final design. 


Approved finalized design is developed onto your Content Management System.


Implemented design is tested on your live platform before going live.


Additional services are connected (e.g. domain name, email list, Google Analytics)


Receive any additional marketing collateral and launch graphics.


Get excited and

Go Live!

While we strongly prefer Showit, we also design amazing websites on Squarespace, Wix, or WordPress upon request.

we love
showit for
web design.

Showit integrates with the WordPress platform for blogs, its how we built CreateHERs.com :) and it's easy to update, add pages, and works with WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and Memberpress. 

A monthly or yearly Showit subscription is required and is separate from our web design service fees. Learn more about pricing here.

where do you design?

where your site will be designed

client resources

here to see you win

We want you to feel confident that your new website design project will serve your needs and your audience.

We provide the following resources and more to help make the content acquisition process as seamless as possible -- we believe in a process that encourages ease and wellness.

Content Requests come as outlines, with industry-specific, SEO-friendly copy suggestions for every section and page.

your success is our success

Visuals are key in aiding communication with projects.

Helping you understand the direction we're going in ensures you'll love the destination when we arrive.

Brand Photography Guide to help ensure great communication with your photographer and clearly outline the types of photos that work best for your website.

Lead Magnet Ideas list to give a specific visual on the best kinds of lead magnets to create and attract ideal customers/clients.

Web Design starter templates so you always have a clearer idea for how much to write, where it will go, and where imagery may go.

Email list writing templates to build and nurture your email list beyond your website launch.

send a project inquiry

ready to get started?

Big changes are up ahead for your brand. It's incredible that you're ready to take this next step and we're honored that you want to include CreateHERs on your journey. Use the button below to begin.

frequently asked  questions

we've got answers.



What happens if content is not submitted by the due date?
Usually we operate with a fixed design calendar that gives each client our targeted focus for their retained time on the calendar. We provide resources to help ensure that content requests can be provided on-time with minimal revisions. In the event where a content due date is missed, the project is at risk of being delayed for a later date on the design calendar and assessed a fee of 35% of the project total in order to be rescheduled after the content is submitted.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?
Due to the digital nature of web design projects, we do not offer refunds. If a client cancels a project early, we assess a 35% cancellation fee applied to the project's total for clients who use our payment plan.

What if I need help with developing a strategy for my website before working with you?
We offer a VIP Web Strategy call that's perfect for website planning, content planning, content strategy, and copywriting for your new website design. 

What are my options for paying for the project (payment plans, etc)?
We process payments via Zelle, Stripe, and PayPal. Payment plans are offered through Shop Pay Installments for some of our services or upon request.

Is my monthly hosting/site subscription included in the price?
The payment for your website's hosting is not included in the service price and must be paid separately in order for your website to go live.

How long will my project take?
The timelines listed for each service are an estimation. Typically design projects cannot start until the content requested from the client is submitted to ensure excellent designs provided by CreateHERs. We like to reduce the need for edits by hitting the mark as directly as possible the first time.

I need my project done sooner than X. Can I expedite the project
We understand that sometimes deadlines and launches loom just around the corner for fast-paced businesses. In the event that you need a project done in less time, please specify the date using the project inquiry form or send us an email at hello@createhers.com. We will review the calendar to see if there is a fit. Most rush projects come with a rush fee of 25% of the project total. Some services have a VIP option and can be completed within 2-3 weeks.


Need help or have additional questions? Send an email to hello [at] createhers.com and we'll be happy to assist.

I'm an expert at building digital experiences that connect, capture, & convert.

about your designer & strategist

Hello, I'm Narsha. As a website designer for 20+ years, I can make the connections from idea to monetized across multiple industries. I've helped influencers become infopreneurs, financial experts become published authors and more. I'm excited to see the places you'll go too.

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