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Our digital brand management service provides careful planning and execution for largescale product launches like courses, membership platforms, book releases, podcast launches, and more.

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You're existing business is launching it's next level service or product offering.

does this sound familiar?

You have written out your course, your podcast episodes are recorded; or you are ready to send your book to print.

With a big launch looming, you also want to upgrade the way you've been doing things by establishing an updated aesthetic throughout your online presence.

Your audience has been asking and waiting for your to launch THAT NEXT BIG program for a year.

hello creative!

But, you need help

Knowing what the big picture plan is for launching and have someone to execute it.

Choosing the right set of apps and software to automate your sales process.

Pulling all the pieces together in developing your marketing

Choosing the best and most efficient apps and systems  to run your a business online?

this is for you.

Starting your nurturing email funnel and getting all the right messages aligned?

Maximizing the advice you got from your coach about how to launch x,y,z?

more about this service

We noticed the shift. More clients can design their own website in theory, but the part that makes a brand profitable was still missing.

As a design studio that believes in the magic of empowering business owners to grow and scale, it's wonderful to see more DIYs and Template websites.

But while this covers the aesthetic, it didn't solve the root of the problem that business owners experience when it comes to create a business that can create a savings account for a single mother, design a community that never existed before, and more. So when the times changed, we did too.

what it looks like


Submit the project inquiry form to see if we're a good fit for your goals & timeline.


Receive a brochure via email to select the focus areas/main project we'll work on.


Schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation to address additional questions.


Sign the contract and pay the project fee. Shop Pay installments are available.


Receive email with content submission instructions and on-boarding questionnaires


Sign off on the project focus agreement, including specified tasks.

digital brand and launch management, 2-months


Receive project updates, additional needs requests via email and the project system.


Get excited and

Go Live!

Each project differs based on the needs of the client. 

We communicate project timelines, deliverables, needs, and updates via our project management system.

We use consistent video/phone check in calls as we know business moves fast and it's important to be able to stay in the know with what's going on related to our branch of the project.

We are also able to join in on your team meetings. We like to become immersed with your business and brand so we can continue to give brand-specific systems and strategy advice as needed.


one payment of


apply for this program

For 30-60 Hours or 2 Months of digital brand management time. Covers strategy and implementation of product launches and content strategy. After our clarity call, specific project tasks will be signed off by you, to ensure we're working on the portions that matter to you most.

We accept payments via Shop Pay or Zelle Payments.

I'm an expert at building digital experiences that connect, capture, & convert.

about your strategist

As a website designer for 20+ years, I can make the connections from idea to monetized across multiple industries. I've helped influencers become infopreneurs, financial experts become published authors and more. I'm excited to see the places you'll go too.

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