It's time to stop playing small.


You’re not waiting for anyone to discover you. You’re putting yourself out there, and your best foot forward. You have a purpose and message to get out into the world. You love connecting with like minds and sharing your talents. Your online presence should shout your personality + vibe through the screen and help visitors connect with what makes you valuable. And you're ready to make bank on your God-given talents.

​When you share your website or Instagram with that amazing woman you just connected with at the Empowerment conference, you want to make a lasting impression. When you pitch yourself to brands, you don’t want there to be A SINGLE DOUBT that you are the perfect advocate for your audience. When you want to launch an amazing product idea, you want to have the proper systems in place to research and support your audience. 

​But where do you start? Yes, you’ve heard of an online brand, but what is it about a brand that is authentic? What is it about YOU that your audience loves and wants to see more of? And heck, even after you’ve figured that out, HOW does that translate into a website? What are other avenues you can use to connect with your audience, on your terms?

​What type of content should you create and what are the tools to get there? In my LAUNCH LIKE YOU MEAN IT, 5-Part Service Package, I help you research, design & launch a brand you love. One you you're proud + excited to share.

launch like you mean it

personal brand package

who is this package for?

style bloggers



community-based brands

radio personalities

coaches & consultants




What's Included

Preliminary Website Setup and Planning

We'll go over questions on website hosting, domain setup, & social media to make sure you've got all the right ducks in a row.

email list builder

Let's create everything you need to start and grow your email list: setup your email program, draft your lead magnet strategy, & create automation to deliver your files flawlessly.

content plan

Let's build a solid content plan for the first 30 days after you launch plus Instagram post plan for 21 days all put together to support your strategy plan.

brand with a plan

Get a new logo, color scheme, & mood board. We'll fine-tune your niche and create a stellar mood board. Alongside this, we will plan your photoshoot visuals to match the best brand photography.

website planning

Let's outline your website pages to best communicate your strategy. Page list includes: About, FAQ Page, Start Here, Homepage, & Contact. Writing is still handled by you but we'll help!

website design

We'll start with one of our premiere design templates so we're always on the same page as far as design direction. Working with your photographer, we'll make sure you get on-brand photography that works! 4 pages.

deluxe launch plan

How do you want to debut your brand to the world? We can plan everything from emails + Instagram posts to a Branding Brunch. Let's select what works best for your audience.


Launch Like You Mean It's total cost is $9850 USD. There is a $2000 deposit to get started. 

how much does it cost?

Program ranges from 3-5 months, depending on your schedule, content delivery, and photography sessions. Branding estimates at 3 weeks while Website design is estimated at 4 weeks. An upfront VIP fee of $497 can be applied to decrease the time to 2 months. No files will be released until the total amount is paid.

how long does it take?

You can view samples here:
Website 1
Website 2
Website 3

what type of website design will I get?

While our work is to bring your story online, you must be confident about the direction you want your brand/business to go. Be clear on your talents, what makes you valuable, and trust in our design process.

what will you need from me?

Your website's content begins with what you plan to deliver to your audience, the strategy we put in place based on the areas you plan to monetize, and leading industry standards. If you have services and products, you must be clear on what you are offering and the audience you are talking to in order for us to help you deliver content that results. Basically, we rely on your for the foundation of your writing and we will enhance and proofread your copy.

will you write my copy for me?

We offer coaching & training for every step of this process. After your website is live, we offer 30 days of support for minor adjustments and fixes. We are always an email away for quick questions or guidance. On-going content design and support is available as $500/month (billed separately).

will you help me maintain my website?

If your existing page or blog content is on brand with your new strategy that we build, content can be moved from a WordPress, Squarespace, or Blogger website. An additional migration fee of $175 will be applied where applicable.

will you move over existing content?

We offer designs on and Squarespace. Showit is based on the WordPress platform.

where will you build my website?

ready to set the stage for your stake on the digital world?

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